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Hey, Smart Speaker, Open My Shades

Blinds Factory motorization systems are designed to be compatible with smart-speaker systems including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Homekit.  When using a WiFi Bridge, your shades are ready to be controlled by your voice.

Alexa / Google Home/ Apple HomeKit


Amazon Alexa

To control your motorized shades via Amazon Alexa, connect your Volta Pulse2 Hub or Somfy MyLink to the internet. Using your smart phone and Alexa app, link the Amazon skill and begin using your voice for shade control.


Google Home

With your motorized shades and our MyLink and Volta WiFi bridges, manage and control your motorized shades from the Google Home and WiFi bridge. Utilize the Google Assistant to naturally control your shades with your voice.


Apple HomeKit

Blinds Factory Volta WiFi bridge is designed for compatibility with Apple HomeKit. Simply set up the Volta Wifi hub and app, then instruct Siri to control your smart shades, with your voice, via a variety of Apple Devices.

Voice Control Features

Speak Naturally

Smart Speakers connected to Blinds Factory Volta or Somfy WiFi hubs will respond to clear and simple instructions to control your smart shades rather than focusing on specific phrases or percentages.

Scene Control

Streamline control of scenes created in your Volta Pulse 2 App. Give your scene a logical name, for example: Good Morning. Google will recognize this scene when you activate it with your voice.

Control Like a Light

Voice Control treats shades like switches, so it’s easy to think of controlling them like lights. To raise your shades, say “Alexa, turn on…” and “Alexa, turn off…” to lower.


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