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Solar Blinds

Sheer Luxury

Our Solar Blinds is a cordless range with a combination of sheer and horizontal fabric panels that diffuse strong natural light to create a soft, soothing appeal. The horizontal fabric panels are delicate in feel but durable in quality.

Solar Blinds come in superior quality that welcomes sunlight but blocks visibility from outside to offer complete privacy.

The vanes are, adjustable, and available in automated options for greater operational ease. Open or close with the touch of a button without leaving your couch or bed.

Best Benefit


UV Protection

All of our shades and blinds are made to reduce the amount of UV rays that comes into the home.


Child Safe

We design all of our products with child and pet safety in mind. Always follow proper instructions when securing or tying cords.

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Excelent Insulation

Our shades and blinds prevent heat from escaping your home in winter and entering in summer.

Features and Benefits

Colors and Fabrics

We are pleased to offer our customers a wide selection of colours and certified fabrics for all of our shades and blinds. We will work with you to help make the right choice for your needs. 

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Features & Benefits

Choose from hundreds of luxury fabrics ranging from sheer to room darkening. Enjoy more comfort and style with our advanced lift technology and a host of custom options.

SmartReleaseTM The patented SmartReleaseTM option quietly lowers your shade automatically with a gentle tug of the cord.
Motorized Raise or lower your shades with the push of a button. Our quiet, energy efficient motors deliver convenience and consistent performance. Certified Best for Kids.
Dual Shades Like two shades in one, the dual layered approach features one shade behind another shade for the ultimate in light control versatility.
Coupled Shades Two connected shades operating as one, offering a uniform level of light control and convenience. Great for side-by-side windows and patio doors.
UV Protection Our shades protect against fading of your furniture, flooring or precious art work.

Product Details:


Room Darkening
Cory Collection


Room Darkening
Cory Collection


Room Darkening
Cory Collection


Scarlett Collection


Scarlett Collection


Scarlett Collection


Scarlett Collection


Scarlett Collection


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